CAC’s comments on the ELA Curriculum Adoption to the PAUSD Board for the May 4, 2022 Board Meeting.

“Dear PAUSD School Board Trustees, Dr. Don Austin, Ms. Sharon Ofek, Ms. Anne Brown, Ms. Danae Reynolds, Ms. Leslie Faust, and Ms. Yolanda Conaway,

What started five years ago as an initiative for students with dyslexia expanded to encompass a broader equity imperative — the right to read, and this district’s responsibilities to provide such education to every student.

Palo Alto CAC encourages PAUSD to formally adopt core curriculum that complies with the state ELA/ELD Framework, Dyslexia Guidelines, and Comprehensive Literacy Plan beginning this Fall 2022. ‘Equity By Design’ minimizes barriers and maximizes potential for every student’s success, particularly those who are historically underrepresented. Public schools operate under State Standards and Guidance, and Board Policies. These are to be nonnegotiable, and they gird the PAUSD Promise for Early Literacy and Equity & Excellence. Independence and individualization exist, but within District criteria. The proposed recommendations align with ongoing CCEIS, Dyslexia and ESRI work and we concur would ensure uniform access to instruction and materials across General Ed classrooms. …”

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