Social Programs

Programs especially for or inclusive of special needs kids


Open Doors Therapy
Specialized GROUP THERAPY services for teens with autism and their families. FREE WORKSHOPS to parents and teens with autism.


Bay Area Friendship Circle
Bay Area Friendship Circle embraces children with special needs, of all levels, involving them in a full range of social, Judaic and educational experiences. Some of their programs: Social Skills Club, Teen Hangout, Friends At Home a buddy program, Sunday Circle. The Friends at Home buddy program requires on or both parents to be Jewish, all other programs are open to everyone.


Friends Play Group
A theater based social skills class for children ages 6 – 9 years (1st-3rd grade): Friends Play Group.  And a class designed for middle school students using drama, theater games and video technology to reinforce social skills concepts: Team Friend.


“Morrissey-Compton’s ongoing skill-building groups take place at our Redwood City office (595 Price Avenue) and are for kids who struggle with issues such as making/ keeping friends, impulse control, anxiety, emotion regulation, and managing stress. There are typically three to five boys or girls in a group who are close in age and have similar challenges and goals”. -Morissey-Compton


“Amicus Therapy Group is a social skills program which helps children master the art of making and sustaining friendships.   We serve 1st thru 8th grade children in the Peninsula and South Bay areas.  The children meet once weekly for 10 weeks, in small groups of 3 to 5 children, and are matched by age, gender, and social abilities. Our skill-building, psychoeducational groups are facilitated by experienced licensed therapists”. -Amicus


Parents Place
“For children who are experiencing challenging social situations on play dates, in school, or on the playground, social skills groups can be transformative. Experienced group leaders provide a small and safe setting in which children feel supported in learning to interact successfully with their peers. Interactive instruction includes play, games, art, and role playing.”-Parents Place


Social Strides
“Social skills, pragmatic language and perspective-taking are primary challenges for persons with Asperger’s Syndrome, AdHd, NLD and High Functioning Autism. Our program is designed to positively impact each young person’s ability to manage everyday interactions, conversations and relationships, to understand social and contextual cues, to make sense of  jokes, sarcasm and figurative language and understand others’ perspectives, beliefs, desires and preferences”. -Social Strides


Abilities United
The Social Skills Development Group uses non-competitive games and cooperative activities to develop social, communication, problem solving, negotiation, emotional regulation, identification, and play skills. Groups are beneficial for all developmental levels.
Children do not need a diagnosis to attend. Ages: 3-9.


Social Thinking
The Social Thinking Clinics, founded by Michelle Garcia Winner, are dedicated to developing and practicing innovative treatment approaches for assisting individuals with social learning disabilities, including students and adults with high-functioning autism, Asperger Syndrome, nonverbal learning disability and related diagnosed and undiagnosed social-communicative difficulties.


The Friends Program
The Friends Program is a therapeutic group program designed to address the developing needs of young children with Asperger’s Disorder and their families. Middle to High School Program is for girls who are anxious about the social world of middle school with its heightened social expectations, changing connections, and increasing educational pressures.


The Talking Playhouse
A Place for Social Learning, Executive Function/Organizational Skills, Pragmatic Language & Written Expression.


Developmental Pathways
The Integrated Play Group® Program allows guided participation in play for children who encounter problems entering into imaginative and social play activities. This program supports children who have limited play skills (novice players) in mutually enjoyed play activities with the typical peers (expert players). The program offers natural opportunities for children to make friendships and learn through play.


Quest Therapeutic Camps
For kids who have done their summer program there is an after school program. Using the Quest summer model, the program provides an activity hour to work with the children within a naturalistic environment and an hour of group therapy to focus on individual goals, social and emotional skill development and group dynamics.


Shire House Social Opportunity
“Every friday, rain or shine, shire house provides a social opportunity to other young adults who are within the high-functioning autism spectrum. Our social is from 6pm to 9pm and there is no cost to attend. Because we provide pizza and other snacks, a rsvp is appreciated, to rsvp call 408 564 5613 or email us at Our social is held at 1230 vine st. San jose, ca.” -Shire House


Teen Hang Out Community Gatepath
Autism Social Connection provides group social activities for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) near San Mateo County. Teens enjoy monthly themed Hang Outs with their peers, and youth ages 8 and up can participate in film and media arts classes.


POP-Events by PFF project
Meet ups where people with developmental disabilities find people with common interests. Age groups 12-17 and adults.