Colleges & Their Support

Difference Between High School and College for Students with Disabilities
A point-by-point comparison on the differences between high school and college by the  College of Charleston’s  (Center for Disability Services ).


A Practical Guide for People with (Learning) Disabilities who want to go to College
General and practical information and some additional information on accommodations. Written for Pennsylvania but has useful general information.


Navigating the College Search, Considerations for Students with Learning Disabilities
Presentation from Sandra Cernobori from Paly Highschool, College Center on the topic. Materials: LD support at college, Spec Ed CollegesHelping Your Student w LD in the College Search


Support for College Students with Autism


List created by people from PALY on the different colleges and the type of support they offer for students with learning disabilities.


Helping Students With Disabilities Successfully Transition To College


Colleges for Students with Learning and Physical Challenges


Colleges for Students with Disabilities 
A comprehensive resource guide compiled by CSCCR, the non-profit Center for School, College & Career Resources.


Lists with colleges by CollegeXpress from the book  The College Finder by Steven R. Antonoff, an educational consultant from Denver, Colorado:
The Experts Choice Colleges where students with Learning Disability Succeed
Colleges with Accessible Teachers for Students with Learning Disabilities


20 Incredible Colleges for Students With Special Needs
List with Colleges with special programs, from 2011, not all information is up to date but still a valuable list to check.


10 Impressive Special College Programs for Students With Autism
List with Colleges with special programs, from 2011, not all information is up to date but still a valuable list to check.


List of Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities
Most colleges and universities have services or accommodations for learning disabled students, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The colleges and universities listed  in this list go offer programs, some quite comprehensive, designed to support students with learning disabilities.


College Experience Week.
On the campus of the University of San Diego  for ages 17-22, with a developmental disability or autism spectrum disorder who are considering attending college in the near future, or already attending.


College Living Experience
College Living Experience (CLE) provides individualized services to young adults with learning differences and varying disabilities in the areas of academics, independent living, social skills and career development.


Think College
College Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability.


San Francisco State University Disability Program and Resource Center
The DPRC collaborates with SF State’s diverse community to ensure that all aspects of campus life – learning, working and living – are universally accessible. The DPRC provides the University with resources, education and direct services in order that people with disabilities may have a greater opportunity to achieve social justice and equity.


Foothill Transition to Work Program
The Transition to Work Program (TTW) is a 12-month vocational program designed for students with disabilities who can function independently on a college campus but may not have the ability to succeed in a traditional college classroom.


Foothill Courses for College Success
A variety of classes to help you achieve college success, offered by the Foothill Counseling Division (for credits): Counseling classes and Career Life Planning Classes


The College of Adaptive Arts
The College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) is cutting edge Bay Area nonprofit paving a new path for turning adults with disabilities into successful contributing citizens through the arts.


De Anza Disability Support Programs and Services
The mission of the Disability Support Programs and Services Division is to ensure access to the college’s curriculum, facilities, and programs, and to promote student success in realizing individual educational and vocational goals.


The Hope program at De Anza is designed to prepare job seekers with disabilities for successful job placement in supported or community employment and to have students actively participate in their communities. The goal is to provide a range of activities that advance students toward their personal and employment goals.


Helping Your Students with Disabilities During Their College Search by Elizabeth C. Hamblet. Website  E. Hamblet a consultant for transition to college of students with disabilities. There are interesting links to information on her website. She also has an other info page.


University of Iowa – REACH program
The REACH Program is a two-year, transition certificate program for students with multiple intellectual, cognitive, and learning disabilities. UI REACH provides a campus experience to empower young adults to become independent, engaged members of the community.


College Programs for Students with Asperger Syndrome


Landmark College
Institution of Higher Education for students with language based learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADHD and ASD. They support assistive integrated technology.


Ohio State University
The program at Ohio State offers patients referrals for diagnostic testing, counseling services, therapy, dental care, nutrition education, and more. Many patients with autism struggle with social interaction so the staff and doctors often communicate with them via technology to make them feel more comfortable. For more information conatct: Sherri Kirk, 614-293-3737,


Western Kentucky University
The goal of the Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) is to ensure that all students with disabilities are provided access to all facets of the Western Kentucky University experience; to facilitate and coordinate support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential; and to increase awareness among all members of the University so that students with disabilities are able to achieve academic success based on their abilities, not their disabilities.


Eastern Illinois University
The Office Of Student Disability Services (OSDS) facilitates equal access to the university. There is also a specialized program for students with autism:Students with Autism Transitional Education Program (STEP).


Tarrant County College First Choice:  The goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs. The First Choice Program on Southeast Campus empowers you with the tools you need to confront challenges as you transition from dependency to independent living.

Tarrant County College Autism Spectrum Disorder Program. They are offering a new program that will help students with autism and Asperger syndrome prepare for college settings and the workforce. Through a mixture of didactic presentation, demonstration, role-play and discussion, you will learn how to do the activities of daily living you need in order to be successful in school and get a job.


West Virginia Wesleyan College MAP program
The Mentor Advantage Program (MAP) provides an innovative, individualized support developed from research on the transition and persistence of postsecondary students with learning disabilities and from self-regulated learning theory. It is designed to create a bridge to academic regulation in the college environment. The program is composed of four elements: strategic content tutoring, organizational mentoring, a weekly small group class, and evening check-in.


Bellevue College
Autism Spectrum Navigators: The Autism Spectrum Navigators program offers individualized access services for Bellevue College students who have an Autism Spectrum Condition.
Occopational and Life Skills: OLS at Bellevue College is an innovative 90 credit associates degree program which gives adults with cognitive disabilities the opportunity to acquire an accredited college degree that leads to post-graduation employment rates well above the national average. The curriculum is occupational and life skills based taught through scaffolded instruction and universal design.


University of Arizona Salt Center
The SALT Center inspires students with learning and attention challenges to succeed in higher education. Through the provision of comprehensive academic support services, the SALT Center encourages student engagement, self-awareness, and growth.


Southern Oregon University UCAM Program (Coaching & Academic Mentoring)
U-CAM is a comprehensive fee-for-services support program.  Designed for university students with executive function challenges, ADHD, ASD and other learning disabilities, U-CAM promotes self-advocacy, autonomy and academic achievement.  Professional coaches, writing support, skill development opportunities and an orientation session are provided to help students reach their academic goals.


Movie about inclusion in Alberta on site of IN (Colorado). Movie how special need persons get included in college in Alberta.


Best Colleges. com. Tips and links for Prospective college students with disabilities.


17 Great Colleges List with colleges with special needs services, gathered by the friendship circle.


A guide (primary for educators) to Transition of Students With Disabilities. Developed by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) giving answers to frequent asked questions about student rights.


College Student Study Skills by ACO
Affordable Colleges Online (ACO)  guide on methods for taking notes and preparing for exams that provides concrete strategies for dealing with test anxiety and study skills.


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