Parent Support

A guide for parents, particularly those with children with more severe disabilities. 

Children’s Health Council Services for Parents
Children’s Health Council is a local resource that offers services and support for children & teens with special education & mental heath needs. They offer a variety of Free Parent Education Classes and Free Parent Support Groups.

Parents Helping Parents (PHP)
PHP is a parent directed non-profit organization that supports  families with special needs children.

Parents Education Network (PEN)
Parent education and support for parents of children with learning disabilities. PEN events.
They also have a Student Advisors for Education (SAFE) student (13-19 year) community that strives to educate, mentor, and support students, parents and teachers regarding the challenges and strengths of students with learning and attention differences. This unique group of teens is passionate about learning differently, pursuing their fullest potential and spreading awareness of their capacity for academic and life success. Resource Guide PEN San Francisco.

Friends with Children of Special Needs
Friends of Children with Special Needs, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in 1996 by ten Chinese-American families to support each other, share ideas, offer a hand for the newly diagnosed, and to educate the community about people with special needs. The ten families’ mission, which becomes FCSN’s mission today, is to build a community of love, hope, and respect for the special need population

Center For Children & Youth / Parents Place

A division of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, addresses children’s mental health needs with the latest evidence-based treatments & parent education, to help families thrive.