Meetings & Membership

Monthly Palo Alto CAC Meetings

We meet once a month, alternating between afternoon and evening meetings. During our meetings we discuss district news, plan events, and review CAC activities. Meetings are open to the public and we welcome all to join.

For support groups, see the monthly Let’s Talk Support Groups hosted by SELPA1 CAC, which also holds monthly committee planning meetings. See the SELPA1 CAC website for details. 

Meetings will be held online. Passcode for all Zoom meetings is cac. Please use your first and last name when signing in.

Meeting Schedule 2022-2023

Tuesday, Sep 1312:00pm-1:30pmOnline meeting, click here Agenda
Monday, Oct 177pm-8:30pmOnline meeting, click here Agenda
Tuesday, Nov 1512:00pm-1:30pmOnline meeting, click here

Guest: PAUSD Transition Services Team


Monday, Jan 237pm-8:30pmOnline meeting, click hereAgenda
Guest: Santa Clara Inclusion Collaborative
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Tuesday, Mar 2112:00pm-1:30pmOnline meeting, click hereAgenda TBA 
Monday, Apr 177pm-8:30pmOnline meeting, click hereAgenda TBA 
Monday, May 1612:00pm-1:30pmOnline meeting, click hereAgenda TBA