The final report of the PAUSD Special Education Review by Hehir and Associates has been released, and the Palo Alto CAC has issued a response. See below for documents.

This review affirms many of the issues and concerns we articulated previously, and surveys of teachers and administrators are now confirming the same. PAUSD includes students with disabilities in General Education classrooms, however, that alone is insufficient to ensure access to the supports and specialized instruction that students with disabilities need for effective learning.

The Report points to a lack of information for measuring Special Education program effectiveness, and insufficient classroom supports and evidence-based practices to effectively teach students with disabilities. CAC is offering to participate in a local task force to help establish a rigorous accountability plan for Special Education, and we strongly encourage the Board to amend it’s strategic plan to effectively address these needs in Special Education.

Nov 2016 CAC response to review of PAUSD special education

For reference:

Nov 2016 Final Report of Review of PAUSD Special Education by Hehir & Associates

Oct 2015 Palo Alto CAC Letter of Parent Input to Dr. Hehir

June 2015 Letter from Palo Alto CAC to PAUSD requesting review of Special Education