Comment on Dyslexia Awareness Month

Comment on Dyslexia Awareness Month

October 27, 2020

Comment to PAUSD School Board regarding Dyslexia Awareness Month 10/26/20

In 2018, the PAUSD School Board acknowledged that Dyslexia has significant educational implications that must be addressed at the District and site level. The Board approved a Dyslexia Resolution certifying that commitment to supporting educators and families.

  • It is estimated that 1 in 5 (or 20% of the population) display some signs or symptoms

  • Dyslexia is neurobiological and impacts the understanding and use of spoken AND written language

  • Students with Dyslexia are general education students first

  • Difficulties result from a deficit in phonological processing, unrelated to intelligence or effort

  • Systems of support include universal screening, identification, and evidence-based instruction that is direct, systematic, explicit, cumulative and multisensory

PAUSD proclaimed a commitment to these students and to its teachers. Palo Alto CAC is eager for the work of the district’s new “Struggling Readers and Students with Dyslexia team”, especially around professional learning.