On May 22, 2018 PAUSD Special Education presented “A VISION FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION” with findings from three recent surveys from 2017/18: (1) IEP Meeting Parent Satisfaction Survey; (2) Special Education Supports: Parent Survey; and (3) Special Education Supports: Staff Survey. Information from these surveys, focus groups and walk-throughs drive these recommended additions/changes for next year and beyond. Staff also proposes implementing “STANDARDS FOR A HIGH QUALITY SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM” (Adapted from the Center of School Turnaround by WestEd) to evaluate service delivery and compliance. Here is the presentation.

In the video recording, the Special Ed team adds more detail as they discuss the slides and answer Board questions. Scroll down to Action/Discussion/Info ITEM B – Special Education Update at 2:44:17 Here is the video recording of the school board meeting presentation.

CAC also made this statement in response.