On December 28, 2016,  the US Dept of Education published a press release and several documents addressing the rights of students with disabilities. This includes a new comprehensive guide to 504 plans, as well as guidance on the use of restraint & seclusion on students (and when this crosses the line to discrimination.)  These represent important developments for the rights of students with disabilities.

The newly published documents include:

Press release from US Dept of Education, published Dec 28, regarding new guidance.

A new Parent and Educator Resource Guide to 504 Plans in Elementary & Secondary Schools

Regarding the use of restraint and seclusion,  two documents:

  1. A ‘Dear Colleage Letter‘, which is directed to school districts, and explains how the current use of restraint and seclusion may amount to discrimination against students with disabilities, and how it can be reduced or eliminated.
  2. A Restraint and Seclusion Resource Guide, also directed toward school districts, which gives practical guidance on how to improve practice.